February Fundraiser 2019

Well, it's been another successful year for my February Fundraiser. Just wrapped up all of my editing on these sessions and I wanted to say thank you to each and everyone of you that supported the work I do. Whether you were a client that booked a session, or recommended me to someone you knew, or "hearted" my photos or wrote sweet comments about the dogs. It was all so amazing to feel the love and support from my community of followers, friends and family. Thank you! 

I also want to give an extra love blanket hug to Nicky Michaud for her support with getting the word out there and also to Blair Wayne Harper from Dex Knows Best Dog Food who stepped up and donated bags of dog food to all those clients that booked and participated in the fundraiser. I feel blessed to be in a place where I can use my skills to help out animals and their families through my dog photography. I enjoyed every moment spent with these furballs and I can't wait to do it all over again next year. 

If you are wanting to have your dog photographed I do offer dog portrait sessions all year long!

Here's a little slideshow of all the dogs that participated this year.

Thank you again everyone!

Celebrating... Sadie May, Ozzie, Pepper & Eddie, Elli, Nala, Hudson, Xena & Jaxson, Connie, Chester M, Hazel, Chester D, Sable, Luna & Rocket and Sadie.