From Rolling Hills to an Urban Vibe - a Kamloops Wedding

It was a wedding of 8,762 hugs, 6,549 kisses and thousands of tears - of JOY of course. I think Stacey and I witnessed about that much - So much love and laughter and moments of unbridled, pure happiness. Carlee and Kevin’s first look took place high above Kamloops in the rolling hills of Knutsford, BC. Then we moved to the downtown of Kamloops for their church ceremony at St. Andrew’s on the Square, a venue that never disappoints. After our time at the church we went for a walk through the downtown, checking out the vintage car show - Hot Nite in the City - and then to Viva Bridal Shop where the shop owner, Anthony Salituro, met us to cut his very first dress mid wedding day! in preparation for the reception at The Rex

Thank you Stacey (Second Photographer Extraordinaire) - you are a legend. And a joy to photograph with. Check out her amazing Noir Stories here…

Wedding Coordinator and Gown Provider - the legend himself: Anthony Salituro at Viva Bridal

Florist: Vicky Gregory

MUA: Trista Rowbottom

Hair Stylist: Chatters Hair Salon - Kamloops, BC

Groom(smen) Outfits: Tip Top Tailors

Live Band: Side One

Here’s a collection of some of my absolute faves…

Woot Woot Weddings!

So, over the years I have developed a certain style to my wedding work which seems to strongly speak of big sweeping landscape shots and dramatic lighting. I’m a sucker for these things and I’ll be the first to admit that. I LOVE that beautiful connection between light and wind and how we are feeling in that moment when we’re surrounded by trees or on the edge of a field. But this time I wanted to focus on the human connection. No sweeping landscapes. Ok, maybe there’s a few in there. But more of the tender, quiet and not so quiet moments from their wedding day.

Here’s a few from the past few years.