Dubsado - Client Management awesomeness.

I feel like I’m a “just do it all myself” kind of person. I find it challenging to ask for help with most things, business and personal tasks. I find it easier to just do it myself and I don’t necessarily like bothering people to help me out. So running a business on my own for the last 18 years has definitely been challenging at times and as I get older I realize that my time with my kids is so fleeting and finding time with my husband and my friends super challenging. There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for everyone. Anyone else feel this way?

My business has just turned a corner. I decided to try out a client management system. No more storing everything on sticky notes and in my head - haha! The system is called Dubsado. I’ve been using it just over a month now and it has helped me immensely in keeping all my clients organized. I would encourage anyone else like myself who feels they can “manage it all themselves” to go check them out! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my brain. I also found that they have a huge library of free template forms as well so you’re not having to create everything from scratch.

Their website is: www.dubsado.com and if you’re interested in giving them a try, use this code to get 20% off your first month!

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